Thursday July 31, 2014

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Schneider-Kreuznach 75mm Xenon FF-Prime lens
»POSTED on July 29, 2014
A lens by itself is rarely magical. Yes, it represents the painstaking work of many dedicated people who put their hearts and souls into the creation of a precision blend of metal and other materials encasing carefully polished glass. But by itself it is simply a tool. What makes any lens truly special is how and why a filmmaker chooses it for a... //READ MORE


Southern Theatres has opened a new Movie Tavern in Covington, Louisiana. Southern Theatres Opens New Movie Tavern
»POSTED on July 30, 2014
Southern Theatres has completed its second all Christie entertainment complex, at the new Southern Theatres Movie Tavern 8 in Covington, Louisiana. The eight-screen cinema eatery has Christie Solaria Series projectors and Christie Vive Audio cinema systems.
From Airbag Productions' Vauxhall Insignia commercial. Airbag Productions uses Frankie for Remote Reviews
»POSTED on July 30, 2014
Airbag Productions, in Melbourne used Frankie for both interactive and independent reviews during the creation of a commercial for Vauxhall Insignia, which features creative CG images of metallic birds, bulls and dolphins that morph into each other and the car.
The USC School of Cinematic Arts Ellen Norris Theatre Christie Upgrades USC’s Ellen Norris Theatre
»POSTED on July 29, 2014
Christie, through a generous donation of equipment and installation services, will be the sole provider of all cinematic and audio equipment within the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts Eileen Norris Theatre, and will be working together with USC SCA in enhancing visual technologies, specifically cinematic ones.
AlphaDogs fixed the audio mix on Param Gill's indie feature Last Supper. Cleaning up after Last Supper
»POSTED on July 29, 2014
With all the attention focused on a film’s visuals, its audio sometimes receives insufficient attention. The best cinematography and visual finish can be ruined by inadequate audio post-production, an outcome that separates the amateur from the professional filmmaker.
Chosen is the most successful series on Sony's Crackle TV network. Cabrera Cuts Chosen
»POSTED on July 28, 2014
Los Angeles-based Juan Ignacio Cabrera recently handled the post-production for the second and third seasons of Chosen, the most successful show on Sony's Crackle TV network.
Euro Media shooting the Tour de France with Grass Valley LDX cameras. Riding with the Tour de France
»POSTED on July 28, 2014
The 101st running of the Tour de France covers a total distance of 3,664 kilometers through 21 stages. For the riders, the physical and mental challenges are hard to imagine. For Euro Media Group, the firm responsible for the overall wireless coverage, production challenges are also incredible.